Tuesday, August 25, 2015

NBT, Vacation, Cakeballs, and Birthdays!

Recently I had someone ask me, "So you've given up on the blogging again already?".  I think it was a fair question because my track record basically speaks for itself.  But I have not given up blogging, I've just been crazy busy for the last several weeks!  Just so you know I'm not slacking here's a quick recap of what our family has been up to:

July 27 -  31:  We had Neighborhood Bible Time (like Vacation Bible School) at our church.  I taught 5th grade each day while Liam attended the Preschool Class and Ellie spent time with some lovely ladies in the nursery.

August 3 - 7: Technically time off but I spent all that time cleaning and preparing for our week long vacation in the Upper Peninsula.  This involved the normal packing as well as meal planning and prep since we stay in a cabin and my mother-in-law and I cook for each meal.

August 7 - 15:  Vacation!  Blessed, wonderful, relaxing, delightful vacation!

August 17 - 21:  Baking, mixing, rolling, dipping, and decorating 150 cake balls and 100 cake pops for a wedding.  I would be remiss if I didn't mention my wonderful mom who watched the kids on Thursday while I did the bulk of my dipping and decorating.  I don't think I ever would have finished if it wasn't for her.  Plus we celebrated her birthday, albeit a week late (sorry Mom, it seems like our vacation is always so close to your birthday!).

That brings us to this week when I am trying to get ready for my sweet Ellie's 1st birthday which happens to be Friday.  And my house is showing the neglect of the last few weeks.  And we're eating in the dining room for the first time.  And the dining room hasn't even been cleaned/unpacked because a few days after we moved in we trapped a bat in there and closed it off to let it die.  And what am I still doing here writing?  Bye!!!

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