Monday, November 22, 2010

Serving Size: Three Crackers

You have GOT to be kidding me!

Three  crackers?

Only three crackers, each less than the size of my business card for work?

What is this world coming to!!??

As I’m sure you can tell I’m outraged. J Tonight as I was laboriously slaving over a hot stove to make dinner getting ready to put leftover homemade pizza in the oven Will tells me that he’s going to be another 45 minutes glazing storm windows downstairs.  Who does he think he is?  Bob Vila? I joke, because I dearly L-O-V-E my wonderful husband who is willing to work hard and glaze our “original with the house built in 1920” windows keeping the drafty winds of west Michigan winter out, and the precious heat in, all without having to buy new windows, which would cost 20,000 bajillion dollars to buy.  Well not that much, but $20,000, we got a free quote so I know! 

Whew talk about a rabbit trail, ANYWHO after hearing this pronouncement from Will I 
determined that I was starving and needed a little snack to tide me over, so I ran downstairs and snagged a box of some new gourmet garlicky-herb crackers that I scored for about $0.50 at Meijer (yes I used/love coupons, more about that later).  So I brought the box upstairs and opened the package, relishing all the garlicky-herb smelly goodness.  But, as life would have it, I recently began monitoring my caloric intake after having fallen off the caloric-intake-monitoring wagon.  Again. So I looked and could not believe my eyes.  I was only allowed to have three crackers!  Not that I wanted a whole lot more than that because obviously I didn’t want to ruin my appetite for homemade pizza, but still this seriously cramped my future plans for those crackers.  And not to mention!!!  They’re “topper” crackers, so that have little indents on the top where you can dump a nice blob of cheese ball or something of the like.  I guess I’ll have to send them with Will in his lunch, because I tried the crackers, and while I did stop at 3 tonight, I’m not sure if my willpower is that good, because they were indeed that tasty. 

On another note, I’ve been wanting to post several times since my first try last week, but all of the posts I’ve wanted to do require pictures and currently my new laptop and digital camera cord are at war. As of right now there has not been a ceasefire either.  Will was sneaky enough to download our pictures onto our desktop computer where we’ll put them on a flash drive and attempt to get behind enemy lines on the laptop later.  

Well, Bob Vila my husband just informed me that he’s ready to eat now so it’s off to get the pizza ready! Hope you’re having a lovely thunderstorm filled evening like we are!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ode To My Gas Stove

Today I would like to write a little something about my gas stove, which I love dearly.

Oh Gas Stove how you delight me,
You often boil a kettle of water for  my tea.

Oh Gas Stove your charms are many,
You boil a mean pot of penne.

Oh Gas Stove how you enable,
You easily assist me in getting dinner on the table.

Oh Gas Stove, I love you so much
I love how your flame immediately dims with just one touch.

Oh Gas Stove you are so very near to my heart
I truly hope that we two will never have to part.

The end.

But seriously, I love my gas stove.