Monday, March 21, 2011

Calling 99V or was that 66A?

So today I had one of those "DUH!" moments.  You know the kind, when you feel a little bit, no, a lotta bit ridiculous?!  Yeah, those ones.  Today I was at the Secretary of State renewing my driver's license and plate tabs.  I went through the initial paper check area and the lady handed me my paper-clipped packet of papers, current license and the ticket which read 99V.  I looked at the blinking red numbers and they said 11.  You've GOT to be kidding me.  I have to wait for 88 people to go ahead of me?!  I happened to be at the Supercenter at the mall which ended up being a good thing.

I texted my friend who told me to go shopping.  I was a little nervous because what if everyone left and suddenly it was my turn and I wasn't there?!  She coaxed me into going so I roamed the mall looking first into Old Navy, then TJ Maxx, then Nordstrom Rack, and on the list goes.  During that time I frequently passed the SOS office to check the flashing red number.  I finally decided to give up my trekking and head back in around number 58.  I watched as they flew through numbers 62-70, all no-shows, and rejoiced at the stupidity of the people who had missed their number being called.  Their loss was my gain!

At number 78 I looked at my cell phone clock.  I'd been there for one hour and 15 minutes and I still had a ways to go.  At that time I also happened to look down at my packet of papers, which was turned upside down. The ticket had become dislodged from the paper clip and I stared in horror at the number-letter combination that stared up at me.  66A. I couldn't believe it.  They were now on 80.  I had missed my number!  I was one of the stupid ones I had so recently mocked!!

I humbly returned to the line where tickets were given out and waited for about 10 minutes.  I then confessed my inability to read properly to the lady who had a good laugh and sent me to the Return line.  She and I were able to work out what had happened.  The lady had pulled the ticket off in a manner so that she could read 66A.  Then she tucked it under the paper clip so she could still read it, with the curve of the paper clip laying in just such a way to cover the cross-bar of the A thus making it look like a V.  Boy did I feel chagrined :-)

Anyway, I figured a nice lighthearted, laugh-at-my-expense story was just the thing to bring me back to the world of blogging from my time away!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'm baaaaaaack!

Just a little note to let you know that I'm back after my unintended "internet at home" fast.  I'll be up and running soon with some new posts and exciting news about my new business!