Monday, April 25, 2011

I like to serve my cake on the floor!

Tonight I was a cake baking fiend!  I made a strawberry cake, double fudge cake, a white cake and a peanut butter cake for various cake ball/pop orders that I have going on.  Unfortunately the cake baking night coincided with what could possibly be my worst food mishap of 2011.  It's a really busy week for Delightful Bitefuls with roughly 300 cake balls and 50 cake pops needing to be finished by Saturday.  Oi, I get a little stressed just thinking about.  That being said, every minute counts and I'm micromanaging my time. 

So I had just finished crumbling my first ever peanut butter cake that would soon be turned into peanut butter chocolate cake balls for a baby dedication (it smelled fabulous!).  I got up from my workspace with the bowl of crumbled peanut butter cake in hand and headed to get the frosting.  Then, the unthinkable happened.  I tripped and peanut butter cake crumbs went flying!  I laughed SO hard.  I think it was either laugh hysterically or cry, so I chose laughter, which was probably a wise choice.  Anyway, it was quite a mess and wouldn't ya know that it's really hard to sweep up uber moist peanut butter cake crumbs from a wood floor.  But on a side note I found out my cats like peanut butter.  And please, no worries Miss K, I didn't save the crumbs I swept up, I'll make another cake tomorrow morning :-)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Oh Football, How I've Missed You!

Just a word of warning: This is a UofM Football Nerd Post.  You've been warned.

Today I was able to do one of my most favorite things with my most favorite person.  I got to go to the Big House and watch UofM football.  Yes, I know it's not fall.  But that doesn't really matter to me because I LOVE football, especially UofM football!  I know, I know, I'm a girl and all that, but does that really matter either?  Psssh, I give that an emphatic NO!

Will and I decided to take a little weekend away and left for Ann Arbor Friday morning.  We visited a couple antique stores, a couple book stores, some UofM clothing stores (where I got an adorable knit UofM hat), and drove around the UofM campus which is gorgeous!  Then Friday afternoon we were able to go on a tour of the football team's locker room.  Walking in and seeing all those helmets lined up in the lockers was pretty awesome:

After we walked through the locker room we were able to walk down the tunnel onto the field.  It was neat to know that the guys walk through there on game day!

Being out on the field was a great experience too.  I felt so small out there standing with Will on the giant "M":

And finally today we sat in the Big House to watch the results of the team's spring practicing.  It felt good to be back in the Big House and I'm loving this tradition that we started last year!  The band was also there and I always love hearing them play!

Please note the adorable knit UofM hat Will bought for me :-)
As we were walking back to our car after the game we saw a couple of the players signing autographs for little kids which was really cute.  THEN all of a sudden I could hear pounding feet coming up behind me and several guys yelling.  I felt like Simba in the herd of wildebeests in The Lion King.  Several football players including Troy Woolfolk and Kenny Demmens went flying past.  It was interesting to hear them talking and goofing around:

So all in all it was a great weekend which included a trip to Blimpy Burger where I felt like I perspired grease after we left :-)  AND I can't wait for football to get started for real!