Monday, April 25, 2011

I like to serve my cake on the floor!

Tonight I was a cake baking fiend!  I made a strawberry cake, double fudge cake, a white cake and a peanut butter cake for various cake ball/pop orders that I have going on.  Unfortunately the cake baking night coincided with what could possibly be my worst food mishap of 2011.  It's a really busy week for Delightful Bitefuls with roughly 300 cake balls and 50 cake pops needing to be finished by Saturday.  Oi, I get a little stressed just thinking about.  That being said, every minute counts and I'm micromanaging my time. 

So I had just finished crumbling my first ever peanut butter cake that would soon be turned into peanut butter chocolate cake balls for a baby dedication (it smelled fabulous!).  I got up from my workspace with the bowl of crumbled peanut butter cake in hand and headed to get the frosting.  Then, the unthinkable happened.  I tripped and peanut butter cake crumbs went flying!  I laughed SO hard.  I think it was either laugh hysterically or cry, so I chose laughter, which was probably a wise choice.  Anyway, it was quite a mess and wouldn't ya know that it's really hard to sweep up uber moist peanut butter cake crumbs from a wood floor.  But on a side note I found out my cats like peanut butter.  And please, no worries Miss K, I didn't save the crumbs I swept up, I'll make another cake tomorrow morning :-)

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  1. Oh no! I usually choose to laugh AND cry! LOL