Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Baby Brain

No...I didn't say baby on the brain.  I said Baby Brain.  Literally the baby is stealing my brain cells.  There is research to back my conclusion, I just can't remember where I found it right now :-)  Convenient, I know....

But started with being a little forgetful.  Ya know, when you can't remember the word you want when you want to use it.  Or you can't find your keys, oh wait that happens even when I'm not pregnant.  Then the strange stuff started happening.  Like I put a sealed plastic bag of....oh stink, I can't remember the word (baby brain) fondant!  Marshmellow fondant!  Anyway I put a sealed bag of marshmallow fondant in the cupboard reserved for my plates and bowls.  I couldn't find it for days and then finally found it when I went to get a bowl down for cereal.  

So tonight I was making a cake and I had stirred everything together (or so I thought), put it all in a pan, stuck it in the oven, and set the timer.  I came back in a minute or so later to put some things away in the kitchen and I noticed my half cup of oil still sitting on the counter.  With Will already licking out the mixing bowl I wasn't really sure what to do :-)  I finally decided on mixing the oil into the pan of cake batter with a whisk.  It turned out fine but I was a little stumped as to how I could have missed that.  Quite frankly I'm amazed that my homemade pizza dough has been turning out nicely lately.

Poor Will....


  1. LOL Just get used to it. I don't think the brain cells come back. ;-)

  2. Tammy, I was going to say the same thing! It just becomes "Mommy brain" instead! My oldest is 7 and I think I am just as (if not more) forgetful as when I was pregnant and do strange things like put boxes of uncooked pasta in the frige instead of the cupboard!

  3. I sure did put milk in the cupboard when I was pregnant with Olivia! It is so weird, but yeah, when you find that research pass it along...I don't think people are believing me anymore. lol :)

  4. I looked up a few different sites that talk about this. I put them on my blog.