Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Very Vera Bradley Birthday

So last night I had a dream that I was at the mall and this lady told me that my eyebrows were too bushy and too close together.  So every time I've looked in the mirror this morning I've been self conscious about my eyebrows :-)

That being said, last week was my birthday and it was a wonderful week.  My dad took Liam and me out for brunch and the antique shopping, which was lovely!  I was also spoiled by my two guys, my in-laws, and by my parents and I wanted to highlight a couple gifts.  As I mentioned on Facebook last week Will surprised me with a new Vera Bradley bag.  I had asked for a makeup bag because my stash has outgrown my current bag.  He went into a local Hallmark to see if they had one and instead came out with a new purse that he'd gotten for 50% off!  I love that he's trying to be frugal, but still get me something he knows I'll love!  I opened the box, which was the Vera Bradley box my purse from Christmas had come in, and cautioned myself not to get excited, thinking it must have been just the right size for the non-Vera Bradley gift he had gotten me.  Boy was I happily surprised!

On Saturday night we enjoyed tacos for my birthday with my parents and I was surprised again by a very full Vera Bradley box.  My mom had gotten such an amazing deal between sales, free shipping, and a 15% off code for her entire order that she had picked out a new makeup bag, and case for my makeup brushes, a purse, and a matching wallet!  I know Vera Bradley isn't the cheapest habit so I appreciate that my family is willing to go out of their way to find it within their price range.   So here are my fabulous bags that I can't wait to use:

And then, as I already mentioned, I was greatly spoiled by my mother and father-in-law!  I got a fantastic bundt pan and and adorable little set of salt and pepper grinders among other things.  However, my favorite gift, by far, was the jewelry box that my father-in-law made for me.  He made it out of a beautiful burled (his word, not mine) piece of box elder.  In case you're wondering "burl" (and I had to look up burled to be sure what it meant), is an abnormality in the wood that makes a beautiful and highly sought after swirl pattern in the grain of the wood.  

The other unique and amazing thing about the piece is that the bottom and top were carved completely from one piece of wood.  He didn't cut the boards and then nail or glue them together, instead he began carving a large chunk of wood and kept cutting away and carving until the entirety of my little box appeared.  He has some serious talent and thankfully he's passed a good portion of it on to Will.

Yes, he even engraved my initial:


Here's another picture of the burl:

I've come to appreciate how he inscribes the date, who it was made for and who made the piece. I like knowing that in 50 years one of my grandchildren might cherish the fact that they know their Great-Grandpapa was talented and generous with his talents:

And lastly, I was quite surprised to open the box and find that it had been lined with a velvety material and that my father-in-law had "framed" a picture of Will and myself in the lid.   Needless to say I love it and can't wait to put it to good use:

So thank you Will, Liam (who got me a Whoopie Pie recipe book, by the way), Mom, Dad, Mom and Papa Wagner, it was a fantastic birthday and I am so grateful!

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