Monday, September 23, 2013

Spending Freeze Adventure: Revenge of the Spice Drawer Bandit

It would appear that Liam isn't quite sure about the Spending Freeze Adventure that we started recently...

A few days ago he used his favorite little stool to get a hold of a fork and then headed on over to the fruit bowl to see what kind of damage he could inflict. 

Thankfully I got to him pretty quickly and only one apple fell victim to fruiticide.  Yeah, I totally made that word up.

So then this morning I was out on our enclosed front porch talking on the phone because it's one of only two places in our house that gets reliable cell phone service.  I was watching Liam The Spice Drawer Bandit through the big picture window we have between our living room and the front porch.  He was busy playing with a toy so I figured he would be fine.  He ducked out of my sight for just a couple seconds, but I just thought he was getting another toy.  As I was watching through the window he climbed up onto the couch, which is up against the window and starts knocking on the window and laughing.  Then, before I even knew what was happening he dumped my 3/4 full shaker of dried basil leaves on the top of our couch.  Are you kidding me?  He's laughing hysterically and I'm saying "No Liam, no!"  and the lady I was talking to on the phone was laughing me.

I have thus determined that Liam wants me to spend more money on groceries that I'm supposed to.  Especially with the way he goes through bananas!  I suppose that since his current favorite cartoon is Curious George it's appropriate but man he goes bananas for bananas.  He has one almost every day for breakfast, and before he's even all the way done he's already pointing at his plate saying, "Nan-nan, pleeeeeee".  

Liam likes to make sure his bananas have company

Thankfully keeping up with his banana cravings shouldn't be too difficult because we have been wonderfully blessed with a little supermarket in our hometown that rotates rock-bottom sale prices on produce.  Their bananas are ALWAYS $0.39/lb and about every 3-4 weeks they go on sale for $0.33/lb.  That is an amazing price for a) being in Michigan and b) not being a Costco or Sam's Club.  So needless to say we go through a lot of bananas in our house.  I'll be talking a little more about this wonderful supermarket in the future and how it helps me stick to my grocery budget!


  1. I wish I knew what your "Wonderful Supermarket" is if you can feed a family of 3 for $10.00 a week! There's only two of us and I can't do that. Sometimes I can get as low as $35.00 but that's on a week I don't need to buy meat (which is most weeks, I stocked up when there were BIG sales & put it in the freezer!.) I use coupons and I'm very frugal. I make my meal plan for the week according to what's on sale in the sale flyer for that week. So, how do you feed a family of 3 on $10.00 a week and what's the name of this fabulous store?

  2. Sorry about all you're dried basil, at least Liam is still cute and seems to know what he's doing is wrong. He's just hitting his terrible two's later than some! Just keep your cool and remember the time-out chair! It works wonders....

  3. My basil took a hit this week too! ;) haha

  4. Oh boy Sarah, must be something in the water ;-)

  5. Valerie, I'm just starting my $10/week grocery budget so we'll see how it goes. Previously I spent around $30/week, I think it would certainly be a lot easier if there was an Aldis or Sam's/Costco closer than a 40 minute drive because I could use the money on more bulk items each week instead of wanting/needing to stock up when I go (which is only once every month or two. It's also going to be a combination of shopping at different stores not just my one favorite little supermarket (McCords). While they may have excellently priced produce and meat many of their regular grocery prices aren't any better than Meijer or Walmart.

  6. That's a great price for bananas! Meijer has them this week for $.53/lb. It's still the cheapest fruit you can buy! We eat a lot of bananas here too, though my daughter isn't quite as gung-ho on bananas as Liam is. :)

    That's too bad about the basil!