Monday, January 17, 2011

Creativity Abounds (Briefly...) Part II

Today I had the day off in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.  I spent the majority of the morning and early afternoon perusing old Martha Stewart Living and BHG magazines getting ideas for the new bedroom and purging my rather large magazine collection (Will is thrilled :-)  Then I realized that I was long overdue for a wreath change.

I LOVE wreaths or welcome signs on my front door.  I have such a unique looking front door that I feel it deserves some sort of decoration.  Plus there's a big ugly nail in the middle above the window that begs to have something hung on it.  Plus I feel weird having a clear glass window on my front door in which anyone from the outside could see me walking up my stairs in my pj's.  No thanks.  And I bet they feel the same :-) Plus I'd hate to have it covered up by curtains.


Remember this wreath, the product of my last spurt of creativity?

Well today it became this:

Who knows how long the needles will last but it livens up the BEAUTIFUL bureau that my dad completely refinished for us.  Sigh, I love antiques.  So now that the evergreen wreath is gone this little beauty has taken its place:

No, I didn't make this.  But someone did, so it's almost like I did.  Plus I had to fluff the bow.  So that counts. Right?

PS Does the bow look a little overwhelming to anyone else?  After seeing it in a picture I'm thinking I might have to tone it down a bit...


  1. I think the bow looks great! It's the only adornment on it so I don't think it overpowers it.

    I need to get something for my front door. I even forgot to put my Christmas wreath up! Oops!

  2. I am personally a fan of "bow-less" wreaths, but that could be due to the fact that I once tried to learn how to make bows and ended up frustrated (perhaps I need to let go of the bow anger??). ;) I love those kind of berry/bead wreaths and I love, love, love how you recycled your old wreath - it turned out amazing! Your love of wreaths made me think of a project I wanted to try awhile ago and thought you have the perfect house for is the link. Would be a neat touch in a library/den too!

  3. @Tammy - Thanks for your thoughts on the bow it makes me feel less self conscious for my wreath :-) I found a really cute Welcome sign in the shape of a Christmas Ornament at Lowes for $2 (love the after Christmas 90% off sales) so I'm not sure how that's going to work with me also wanting to making a wreath.

    @Sarah - LOL, "bow anger". Too funny! I was a little nervous when I made my first one for my Christmas wreath but I watched this video and it helped a lot (!

    And I checked out that wreath link, that's pretty awesome! I'd love to try it! A couple of thoughts: a)Will would think that would be a desecration of literature :-) But I might do it anyway, b)I couldn't stop laughing at the cover of the book the lady chose, c)I can just picture a scenario in my mind where the content of the book mimics what's on the cover and someone comes over, looks closely at the wreath and notices some, ahem, not so nice subject matter, and d) I would like to do this with sheet music as well and put it in our music room! Boy that should have been a whole new blog post :-)