Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Good Old Days...

Take a stroll down memory lane with me, will you?  Do you remember the good old days of preschool?  When learning was fun and didn't induce you to willingly pull out your hair (in hindsight that hair pulling wasn't such a good idea right guys)? Ahhh those carefree days when the teachers snuck in little bits of learning here and there when you weren't really paying attention.  I remember my first day of preschool quite vividly because there was a little girl screaming her head off.  That made me a little nervous because, clearly a place that made other little girls scream their head off couldn't be that wonderful of a place could it?  But I put my game face on, grabbed the hand of the screaming little girl, and set off for wonderful adventures.  My favorite activity by far was the rice table:
 This little table provided hours minutes of fun to my rambunctious preschool mind.  So much so that I decided to recreate the rice table in my kitchen the other morning.  No I am not joking.  And no I do not have a picture, my apologies.

The other morning I was making rice for Will for breakfast.  I know, it's kind of weird (to me at least) but he likes rice covered in honey or sugar and cinnamon with milk, sort of like how I like my oatmeal.  So I was being the dutiful wife and put a few cups of rice into the rice cooker.  Only the first two cups didn't quite make it to the cooker.  As I went to walk across the kitchen to the rice cooker (note to self, keep the rice bag near the rice cooker when you're making rice, it just makes more sense that way!) I stepped on a kitty tail and that's when chaos ensued.  

It wasn't really the stepping on the kitty tail that had me throwing rice like I was at a wedding.  It was the horrendous yowl that issued forth from my kitty's tiny little mouth.  Quite frankly I hadn't even realized I had stepped on her tail until she gave me what for.  That scared me enough to send the two cups of uncooked rice out of my hands and scattering across my kitchen floor.  And as I type this post that kitty is sitting next to me glaring at me like I had just completed a catnip intervention with her, because, I'm pretty sure she knows I'm writing about her.  I can never tell quite what she's thinking.... or what diabolical planning she has up her sleeve.  Needless to say, my wish to relive my preschool years was fulfilled as I cleaned up two cups of rice. 


  1. Poor kitty. Your kitchen escapades crack me up...maybe they hit too close to home. I've had some doozies in the kitchen. LOL

  2. Haha Tammy, we'll have to trade stories some time. I'm not sure what this says about myself but I'm a lot better than I used to be (ex: I no longer set pans on fire...) :-)