Monday, February 21, 2011

Cake Ball Contest!

Don't forget to try your hand at naming my new dessert catering business!  You could win a cake ball catered event! I've had several submissions that are awesome and it's going to be a tough choice!  Email your name and your business name idea to  Also, if you're interested in reviews from people who have had them all you really need to know is the following a) they couldn't quite give a review because they were too busy shoving their face with cake balls and going "Mmmmmm!" b) I rarely have ANY leftovers (unless I set some aside for myself:-) and c) I can't remember what c was anymore, oops, guess it must not have been too important!  But seriously I can give you some reviews if you want them :-)  Ooooo I remember c now: c) whenever there is a work function involving food it is just assumed that I will bring cake balls and my co-workers want very much to be my proving ground for new flavors such as Coffee Toffee!

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