Thursday, February 10, 2011

Of Bloody Hands And Cookie Jars


Ahhhhhhhh again!! 

Just kidding!

So I went to organize my Cake Ball decorating drawer and lo and behold I found my red candy coloring had leaked in the drawer so I decided to have a little fun.  If ever you need to use fake blood I would really choose red candy coloring.  It looked so real!

On a wonderful note two of my co-workers talked me into going to a Goodwill on our way to lunch and I picked up this adorable cookie jar!  I've been looking for a red(ish) cookie jar since before Will and I were married and all I could find was strawberry, cherry, or apple shaped cookie jars.  Not my cup of tea thanks.  But this one is PERFECT!  Thanks ladies!  I wouldn't have gone but for your dragging me! Of note: Will was pleased with my purchase because it means I now have to keep the cookie jar full :-)


  1. That IS super cute, although, I have to say that I love my pink shoes that I found!

    I feel like it's going to fall over though. How does it stay up?

  2. LOVE, love that cookie jar!!!!!!! And you have a whole drawer dedicated to cake balls? Wow! Good thing you were in my wedding, otherwise you may never of found out about them :)

  3. I know that if I had that much blood pouring out my hand I wouldn't have the presence of mind (or desire) to take a picture. LOL

    Cute cookie jar!

  4. @Janelle - Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking me with you! It's flat on one side so that's how it stays up.

    @Rachel - It's not a very big drawer, but a drawer none the less. And I'm so grateful that you were able to get the recipe for me, I LOVE making them!

    @Tammy - If it was really I wouldn't have either, I would have been running around screaming :-)