Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hoarding: The Early Years

I am not an organized person by nature.  Ask my mom, I'm sure she would be delighted to regale you with tales of my infamously messy bedroom growing up.  However now that I'm a lot older and a little wiser I'm seeing the value of an organized household.  I'm even enjoying making our lives more organized which, if you knew me growing up, is almost unbelievable. In my quest to make our house more organized it sometimes becomes crazy messy...

That being said, my husband deserves a prize.  Seriously. A couple weeks ago our  living and dining rooms looked like they were in the early stages of qualifying for a Hoarders episode on TLC and he was really sweet about it!

This pictures above represent my first attempt at using space saver bags, you know, the ones where you attach the vacuum hose and suck all the air out.  Since we have a storage space shortage in our house I was trying to condense some of Liam's things that he no longer uses and these bags did the trick and they couldn't have been easier to use! 

Thankfully this mess only lasted *ahem* a couple days.  Part of the problem was that my "helper" kept moving 0-3 month clothes into the 6-9 month pile, etc, so when I went to get ready to put clothes in a bag and suction out the air I would realize it was no longer the "only 0-3 months" pile.  Such is life with a busy body one year old but I wouldn't have it any other way.

So when it was all said and done my messy piles turned into this neat little pile:

And that makes me VERY happy!  The only problem...the "large" sized bags don't fit in the 18 gallon totes I use for storage in our basement.  Fortunately I have a larger tote that I took with me when I moved out of my parents house that they should fit in.  However that means I have to find homes in the basement for all the stuff it currently holds :-)


  1. Hoarders - not even close! I don't see any hoarder who can get all their piles into a few space saver bags. :)

    Those bags are a great idea! I have all the baby clothes in bins, and they do take up a lot of room. We have a full basement so we technically have the space to keep them, but...this just looks cooler. ;)

  2. Ha! Thanks Tammy! Every once in awhile I like to watch an episode of hoarders and it typically makes me feel one of two things, either a)"Whew! I'm not even close, I've got a while before I need to clean again!" or b)"Wow, I never want to be like that, I need to go clean" ;-) I do really like the bags. I had one from my package left over and used it on some blankets and it really took the size down to less than half. I'm hoping to get some more soon for a couple extra comforters we have!

  3. Watching the hoarding shows makes me clean like mad! :D