Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Day In Pictures (and a few words too...)

Last week was quite a busy week and it was capped off with Will's parents coming to visit for the weekend.  I am extremely thankful for Will's parents and the fact that they are so loveable; it's certainly nice when you get along with your in-laws!  This morning, due to poor driving conditions my Bible Study was cancelled so Liam and I decided to have a semi-lazy day:

"Hmmm, what's that?"

"I almost got it!"

"Grandmama, I found your chapstick!"

After Will's parents left yesterday I found one of my mother-in-law's bracelets on the floor in our spare bedroom so I sent her an email to let her know I had it.  She emailed back saying that she had also lost her chapstick somewhere along the way.  I really had no hope of finding it and was therefore quite surprised when I opened Liam's Peg & Hammer Bench and realized Liam had slipped it inside.  When I finished taking the picture above I turned around and caught sight of this:

My little mountain climber!

As I started folding laundry he climbed into the basket....

...and promptly tipped over trying to reach the lens cap!

But he was not to be deterred from the task at hand!

"Hmm what else can I climb on?  Apparently not this!"

And so he moved on to his rocking chair, but that didn't work either.

"Nothing under there for me to get into"

"Maybe there's something in here I can get!"

"If I could just see in *grunts*"
Keeping up with Liam has been a full-time job today, he's been on the go since the moment he woke up.  Thankfully my little man is napping now and I'm able to take a wee little break!

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