Friday, December 24, 2010

Creativity Abounds (Briefly...)

A couple Saturdays ago I decided it was time to get crafty.  I often feel as if I don’t have the time or inclination to be super crafty so I was really stepping out on a limb here.  We have this awesome local food market that sells lots of local produce and meat at really decent prices.  When I was there last week I noticed, to my utter delight, that they also sell real evergreen wreaths that are undecorated.  They had a nice 12” wreath for $9.99 so I was ever so excited to try my hand at decorating it. Problem was, I had no idea how to decorate it!  So I was rescued when I took a trip with my dearest friend L to the wonderful land of Hobby Lobby where all of a girl’s crafty dreams (or nightmares) can come true.  Well of course they had exactly what I needed (and much more…) so we picked out some super cute wreath decorating items!  So the next day I asked Bob Vila (aka my Will) to stop and pick up a wreath on his way home from work so I could get crafty.  Well my husband, who’s always usin’ his thinker, decided to pick up an 18” wreath instead of the 12” I firmly instructed him to get.  When I questioned his reasoning he promptly turned the wreath around to show me that, joy of joys, the frame they used is reusable, so next year we can make our own wreaths for free! Wahoo! 

So here is a before picture of the wreath, which really looked (and smelled) very nice without decorations:

So after some ribbon and berries placed just so it looks like this (yes I know my camera is, well, not very good, to put it mildly):

I was fairly pleased with the result, however it wasn’t as fun as I had been hoping because I tend to be a little….well…… quote my clients, “how you say in English?” obsessive-compulsive would be a somewhat appropriate term I believe.  I had a hard time just placing berries haphazardly because all of a sudden there weren’t any red ones in this section and so I had to move a couple around, but that left a gap with only gold berries and oh no! the white berries are sticking out further than the red and gold berries.  Ahhhhh!  Ok I’m not quite THAT bad, but it’s close folks.  Ah well, such is my life.  My poor husband J

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