Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bathroom Break City

**Please note that I have removed the names of the children involved for their protection from embarrassment**

At our church Will and I teach the Children's Church class during the morning service.  We're on a 3 month rotation with another couple and we enjoy it.  Sometimes the kids are noisy and raucous and sometimes they listen closely and you feel like you're actually helping them understand things about God and the Bible.   And sometimes, well sometimes they are blunt.

Many of you saw my post on Facebook last week where the kids in Children's Church issued me a challenge to not wear a certain blue dress at church until March.  They said I wear it EVERY WEEK (not true, by the way, though I do love that dress!) and that I shouldn't wear it again for a long time.  I took their challenge and so far I'm doing good. 

Today it seemed like every single one of the kids had to go use the bathroom at some point during our time in Children's Church.  Typically we only let one kid go out at a time so as to prevent mischievousness in the bathroom or down the hall or with the drinking fountain, you get the idea.  Today there was a line of kids who had already requested to go when another kid approached me saying they needed to go.  I always ask if they can wait to gauge the seriousness of the request (I don't want any accidents on our cloth covered chairs) and this one, who is generally not given to exaggerating, said they needed to go really bad.  I decided, against my better judgement, to let this one go with another who was waiting for the return of yet another little kiddo.  Seriously, it seemed like the kids must have been sucking water down like camels!

We were right in the middle of taking prayer requests when the devious looking duo left.  Will noticed that they had been taking a long time so he went out to intercept them to make sure they didn't come in noisily while I was praying.  He also wanted to make sure that they weren't "up to no good".  Sure enough as they exited the bathroom they were laughing and giggling and generally being loud, though they hadn't caused any mischief (that we know of).  He told them that I was already praying so they needed to be quiet when they returned, to which one of them excitedly exclaimed , "We both had to go number 2!".  Apparently they were in awe of the odds that they both had to do that at the same time...

Ahhh yes, one of the many delights we experience in Children's Church includes learning about the bowel habits of our various children.  Sometimes my joy cannot be contained.


  1. As a mom who has a child in Children's Church I am not sure if I should laugh or cry. ;) In all seriousness this is hilarious. I would suggest revealing names upon high school know, in case they get too big for their britches. ;) hehe

  2. Grin! When Will told me about it last night I had a good long laugh and immediately went to send FB messages to the parents of the twosome but then I decided why not take out the names and write a blog post about it so that many people can share in the humor :-) I like your idea about revealing the names upon high school graduation, hee hee!

  3. I just laugh and relish the fact that they at least used the phrase "number 2"!!

  4. I really appreciated that level of "discreetness" as well.

  5. This surprised me that they even know that term as I was told by my daughter to use the other less desired term, the "p" word! Thank goodness someone still uses the older term!

  6. Haha, I agree, Number 2 is a much better term and kudos to the mom who has her kids say it!