Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dead To Me!

This cute, innocent little kitty cat named Tallulah is now dead to me.

You dare ask me why?!  Well Monday Tallulah decided it would be appropriate to get her crazy on and make a mad dash through this shelf in the basement:

While the craftsmanship of the fine shelf (made by Will) is not in question, my placement of such fragile items that high up, and not in any box is.  I've been trying o figure out a better way to store them, and probably should just buy a clear storage bin but I digress, just because they are there to make a mad dash through does not mean that a kitty should!  Because the result is this:

Two. Broken. Vases.

My apologies to whomever bought us the lovely red and clear crystal vase for our wedding.  We enjoyed it but for a season...  So like I said, Tallulah is dead to me.  Except that I may or may not have allowed her to curl up in my lap for a couple episodes of Hogan's Heroes last night.  But, "I know nothing, nothing!"

1 comment:

  1. Oh, no!!! Too bad - naughty Tallulah!! But, you know, Ashley, I think it was the eclipse of the moon two nights ago that made her do it. Pixar was acting soooo strangely, too. She jumped up on the bench/coffee table and proceeded to use her paw to slide everything there - magazines, coasters, odd and ends - onto the floor! She's never acted like that before...and better not again! ;)