Thursday, December 23, 2010

Egg On My Face...

Isn't there some expression about getting egg on one's face? Cause that happened to me today, except thankfully, I got egg on my shoe, not my face.  In my flurry of cake ball making for my SLAW (see I'm sneakily shifting the blame here to my Slaw, aka sister-in-law) I was cracking eggs like regular diner cook when disaster struck.  I will continue to affirm that the egg must have already been covered in egg slime (really is there any other way to describe it?) because before I knew what was happening gravity had taken control of the situation and was bringing that egg down to a fatal end on my shoe.  Normally I would have jumped for the camera but that would have entailed clomping through the house on an egg covered shoe and I didn't think Will would appreciate that :-)  Well I'm off to finish up the cake balls! Hope you're having a Merry Eve Before Christmas Eve!

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