Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Look Out Below!

Lest you think that a) I have gone into early blogger retirement, or b) my life is not interesting let me prove otherwise to you.  When I started blogging I had high hopes to post often.  However nearing the holiday season my life gets more hectic by the day!  Once this weekend is over I feel that my life will calm down significantly.  Hopefully.....

Anywho, last night I decided that Will and I deserved breakfast for dinner, considering how our Saturday morning big breakfast ritual hasn't been enacted since, um, this summer sometime??? So I whipped up some yummy pancakes, sage sausage patties, scrambled eggs sprinkled with basil feta, and clementines (I loooove clementines!).  I have this nice stovetop griddle that's perfect for pancakes so I got that puppy out and fired up my gas stove (See Ode To My Gas Stove for a lovely poem about my fantastic gas stove!).

All was going reasonably well while I was pouring batter and flipping pancakes until, gasp!  The horror!  I flipped one a little too high.  Unfortunately the pancake did not return completely to the griddle.  Instead it landed half on the lip of the griddle, bounced off, and proceeded end over end directly to the floor.  Only, to my disbelief, and seemingly in slow motion I might add, the pancake did not land on the floor. Instead it determined that it was going to go down what will eventually be the enclosed laundry shoot, that runs through the kitchen, but which is currently the open air laundry shoot.   Thankfully I had the presence of mind to say, "Look out below!" to the kitty who had been sitting down there.  Apparently it's a dangerous world out there for kitties what with falling pancakes and all...

And there it is my friends.  The lonely pancake next to the dirty towels.  Says Will, "If it would have landed on the washer I would have ate it...."  Yup that's my husband.  After it was all said and done all I could do was laugh, and feel fairly talented that I could have done that.  Yessiree those are the sorts of things that happen often enough in my kitchen.

Hopefully in the next few days I'll have some more posts about various topics such as my short lived creative genius, my love of cake balls, and what happens when Bob Vila (my husband) and Tim the Tool Man Taylor (my dad) get together to work on our attic!


  1. That is hilarious! At least only one ended up in the basement!

    Pancakes and I don't get along very well. Maybe I need a handy-dandy griddle like yours!

  2. we have a griddle like that too...a lifesaver when we're frying pancakes for eight people!

  3. I'm pretty sure I used better grammar than the quote that you attributed to me.

  4. LOL! I had visions of battery slime everywhere...that was actually a pretty clean fall! ;) I have been looking at those griddle pans, I just got a grill pan and LOVE it. I do have an electric would probably save on storage space having just the pan.

  5. Oh, Ashley, that is tooo funny! I laughed so hard I woke Pixar up (she's sleeping on my lap)! And Will's comments....!! :) Papa says, "Didn't that happen when we were there? Maybe Will should just set up the dinner (breakfast) table in the basement"!!

  6. This is great!!! And I LOVE your title "As the Kitchen Burns". Kitchens can be quite a Soap Opera!!! Keep on writing:-))))

  7. Thanks for all of the comments. I couldn't believe when I randomly checked the blog today that I had this many.

    @Tammy - Pancakes and I didn't get along until I got this griddle. No greasing necessary! AND if I want to do bacon or sausage as well and don't want to use a small frying pan I can usually fit all the bacon/sausage on in one go, which is so much quicker!

    @Will - My sincerest apologies regarding the misquote, I shall endeavor to quote you correctly in the future, as you are very quotable. I love you!

    @Sarah - Thankfully the pancake was fully cooked and I was flipping it for a last little bit of browning. Otherwise that would have been awful!

    @Janine (Mom) - Yes, you're right, that did happen when you guys were here. Apparently I'm just that talented ;-) Hopefully that will get enclosed soon so I don't have to worry so much, though I'm sure I'll still mis-flip pancakes :-)

    @Sue - I can't take credit for the name. My sister-in-law came up with the title when I mentioned wanting to start a blog about my kitchen experiences.

    Phew! That was a lot of @'s!